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Doghouse Rose
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  • Doghouse Rose

    In every style of music there comes along a band that goes against the grain.  With the release of their second album Bourbon & Gasoline, Doghouse Rose has created a sound that’s been described as “Country-Rockabilly-Pop-Punk-Trash”  or what they call Rebel Country.  Drawing influences from delta blues, old school country, punk and psychobilly they can be considered country’s newest punk rockers.  
       This strange blend makes them right at home sharing stages with bands like The Mahones, The Creepshow, and the 69 Cats

       Carving their own path every step of the way, these road warriors cause a stir wherever they land.  From maximum security prisons, honky tonks, festivals, and divey bars, this sweaty and trashy, dark and broody yet somehow wholesome foursome of whiskey loving rebels will have you line dancing one minute and moshing the next.  
       “You’ve gotta see them live” is a phrase you’ll hear about this band.   Their hard hitting, booze infused and somewhat acrobatic live show has taken them across Canada and Europe several times over. 
    Forming in 2013 in London Ontario and moving to Toronto later that year, Doghouse released their self titled debut album on their DIY record label Red Ryder Records and found their name on the 2014 Jack Richardson Music Award for best country artist.  The album found its way into college radio rotation and charted for the better part of a year.
       With musical backgrounds as diverse as theirs, its no surprise that Rebel Country is like falling out of the trailer, and landing in a Rob Zombie movie.  
       Punk rock cowgirl and lead vocalist Sarah Beth was taught to play by her blues guitar playing father and took it to the Toronto Punk Scene in her teenage years playing in several bands and opening for The Misfits and Mad Sin.  If attitude could kill, this chick would be a hand grenade. 
       Self taught bass player and singer Jefferson Sheppard thrived on a hefty dose of heavy metal.  He played electric bass for the first several years of his career and picked up the stand up when he developed a taste for psychobilly.  Known for the “tony hawk”,  what he calls his patented bass kick flip, he’s had the chance to open up for some of the genres biggest legends like The Reverend Horton Heat and Link Ray.  

       “Dirtbag” Jordan Zagerman grew up on a diet of pop-punk and alt-rock, idolizing Travis Barker and Dave Grohl.  Wanting to learn all aspects of his instrument, he found jazz and completed his degree at humber college.   With his diverse knowledge and vast range of skills he drives the band with an explosive heavy hitting style.

       Iain “The Bourbon Barron” Leslie began as a traditionally trained vocalist, but when a severe back injury prevented him from standing to perform for several months, he spent his recovery sinking his musical energy into guitar, becoming the wicked picker he is today.  

    ​   With a new album out, a vinyl release on the way, a European and debut USA tour on the horizon for winter, Bourbon and gasoline are the fuel that feeds the fire that is Doghouse Rose.  They are the alternative to the alternative.  Its what they live for.  Welcome to Rebel County. 

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